Jayne Norman


2017 Jayne Norman2

28 Dyfrig Court

Llantwit Major

Vale of Glamorgan

CF61 2GA


01446 796039

Councillor Mrs Jayne Norman was elected  Town Mayor at the Annual Meeting on the 11th May 2017. She will serve in this post for a year until the next Annual Meeting. 

Llantwit First Independents

Finance and Policy Committee, Recreation and Buildings Committee, Footpath Forum     - Chair

Cenotaph Forum    - Chair, Mayoral Inauguration Forum    - Chair, Town Study Steering Group      -

Chair, Town Hall Working Group, Youth Activities Forum, Youth Link Councillors, Funding Forum   - Chair

School Garden    - Chair, 5 Year Plan Committee, Allotment Sub-Committee

Wellbeing of Future Generation Committee  - Chair, Nations Tribute Celebration Committee 

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